Answers to frequently asked questions

  • As of July 8th, 2021, all our eggs sold at farmer’s markets will be thoroughly washed to be compliant with California SEFS standards. They will need to be refrigerated upon arriving home. Farm eggs can be sold unwashed, as was our standard prior to July 8th, but this is generally allowable when producers are not functioning as a market producer. Eggs have a natural “bloom” which acts as a protective barrier and also provided a more stable way to transport them without coolers or refrigeration. In addition to these benefits, unwashed eggs look beautiful sitting atop your counter. Unwashed eggs are the norm outside of the United States, however regulations from USDA and CDFA mandate that eggs sold on a professional level with licenses must be washed.
  • We have a variety of different breeds of hens. Different breeds lay different colors. None of our eggs are ever altered in any way. Some of our hens lay naturally white eggs, others varying shades of brown, some turquoise, green, beige, pink… This makes for a naturally pretty egg basket.
  • The breed of the hen will also affect the size of the egg. I have some Polish hens that are quite adorable with their poofy heads. Visitors always love them. They are a smaller hen, so naturally they lay a smaller egg too. We sell anywhere from PeeWee sized eggs to XL size.
  • All of our hens are happy free range birds. We have a giant poultry aviary at our ranch that was designed specifically for our birds. They have lots and lots of room to run and play, dust bathe in the sun, and forage for feed. They are enclosed to protect them from hawks and other flying predators. It also enables us to have full control over where they lay their eggs.
  • We are a certified egg handler with CDFA. We are CA SEFS compliant. All eggs are brought to market and kept cool until time of sale.
  • All our eggs are laid by our own happy hens. We have lots and lots of chickens, so this is our main specialty, however we do also sell turkey eggs. We have 3 turkey hens at the moment, so our production is not as fast as chicken eggs. The turkey eggs are currently being sold by the dozen, however there are plans to sell them by the half dozen in the future. These are a specialty item, so please check at market for availability.