A Different Way of Life

We are located in Norco, California, a small suburb in Riverside County in Southern California. Tara and Sophia are California natives, born and raised. This region is blessed with such nice weather year round, so we prefer to be outside whenever we can, enjoying many activities as well as our farming. The day we moved to Norco in July of 2018 changed our lives forever. We long dreamed of the days that we could grow our own food and have our own farm animals. Since then, we have been digging deeper roots in our community every day. Our community of Norco is a special place, a rural city surrounded by Southern California sprawl all around. Our community was founded by Rex Clark in 1923 as a “community of go-getters where a man could feed his family with his own hands on his own land.” Today, that spirit is still alive and well in our town, although we do have our share of work to do to protect it from modern day growth. Small farms dotted throughout our community is a way of bringing us together and doing just that. Food always brings people together…as do animals. So we decided to jump right in and get to it, filling our property with places to grow food and animals that bring us food and enjoyment. Tara is a vegetarian, so no animals raised on Taveli Ranch are eaten, and all animals are cared for lovingly as pets. We plan to grow out our farm to the best of our abilities with the amount of land, and would like to help continue to grow the small farm movement in town. Eventually growing our farm with land use agreements or purchases to larger areas is a future goal. Tara is also active in the community through service on a city appointed committee, EDAC, Economic Development Advisory Council.