Norco, California

Horsetown, USA

Right in the middle of the urban sprawl of Southern California lies a town unlike others that has distinct charm. Upon getting off the 15 freeway at Sixth Street, you will see that you have arrived somewhere special. Large signs that greet visitors that say Horsetown USA are at the first intersection, and as you continue driving, you see red, white, and blue painted on the street where normal white stripes would define the lanes. Even our stores are unique, with multiple hay and feed stores, horse trails instead of sidewalks, and western style architecture. We have more horsetrails than any other city in America. Norco has all the warmth of a small town feel, yet is so close to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and Orange County. We pride ourselves on being unique, and enjoy the many different types of animals that we keep here in town. It is not uncommon to find horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, donkeys, mules, alpacas, llamas, peacocks, and even emus, ostrich, buffalo, and camels!!

Visiting Norco, California

With all the animals we keep in town, this area is a mecca for all equine and agriculturally related arts. You can come here to get horse riding lessons, no matter what style. If you want to learn how to ride a bull, well, we have that too. We have equine therapy and horseback riding, small farms that sell locally grown produce, boutique stores with country charm, western bars, and even a large equestrian center for shows and fairs.

Norco points of interest and unique businesses

  • Norco Chamber of Commerce– Norco Chamber has some great information and map of the city for tourism.
  • The Farm on 7th– Greg and Heather do a phenomenal job with producing plant starts for aspiring gardeners. Greg is so informative and will teach you how to grow the plants you purchase. Visiting his farm during plant sale season is especially fun because he has so many interesting things to look at!
  • Barites Veteran Ranch– Vanessa and Devyn have a great passion for working with veterans. Aside from building their veterans ranch, they have the most adorable mini cows! They do parties for pictures with their cows!
  • Windy River Farm-Patrick is transforming a city into an agricultural goldmine by creative use of land use agreements and teaching aspiring farmers. He is a veteran farmer with many years of experience.
  • The Wild Bunch Flower Co.-Shannon is THE flower person when it comes to flowers in Norco. Everyone in town knows that she is the best and the person to go to when in need of floral design.
  • Everything Boutique– Located in the heart of town, this cute little boutique has gift items and fun country wares, including some Horestown USA merchandise. They are also a mail center, so you can do all mail services, and even notary.

Please check back for more. This list will be growing!


(626) 787-3711
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960 Sixth St. #101A-139
Norco, California